Industrial Electric

Electrotherm manufactures high quality industrial electric appliances for heating and controlling temperature of products transported in Intermediate Bulk Containers, Drums and a variety of other containers.
The IBC Base Heater is manufactured with uncompromising quality for heavy-duty, long-life service in the rental container market. It is designed to heat 1000 litres of various liquid and semi-solid products from average ambient temperatures to approximately 45-50ºC within 36-48 hours to enable product discharge from the IBC. 
The IBC Heater Mat is a universal size, re-useable, low profile, low cost solution to heating liquid and semi-solid products in IBCs or other similar style containers.  Weighing just 6kg, this 9mm wafer-thin, aluminium heater is unobtrusive, light and easy to handle, easy to clean, easy to store and, based on 100 uses, costs less than $4.00 per cycle.
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Our IBC Heater Jackets are designed to heat the contents of an IBC or tank from the outside.  These energy-efficient, tailor-made Jackets fit snugly around the container and gently radiate heat into the liquid or semi-solid product.  Our efficient insulating materials lock heat inside and reduce operating costs.  The zip-up jacket panels are easy to install.

Some products, like semi-solid fats and heavily viscous adhesives, are tough to heat, so our IBC Radiant Heaters boost performance by radiating heat up onto the floor of the IBC where heat is conducted through the floor and into the product.

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Our Drum Heaters form a miniature 'hot room' around steel or plastic drums and make it easy to raise the temperature of products so they can be decanted.  Both vertical and horizontal orientations are available.  Our Drum Heaters are remarkably energy efficient and easy to use.  Zip on the Heater, turn the power on and come back the next day!
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Our Drum Base Heater is ideal for raising and maintaining mid-range (25°C to 35°C) temperature of products in steel or plastic drums.  The Drum Base Heater is very heavy-duty and easy to use. 
Combine our Drum Insulation Jacket with the Drum Base Heater and achieve higher temperatures by locking heat inside the Jacket.
The Warm Pad is ideal for keeping products like honey at an ideal decanting temperature.  Any product requiring 20°C to 30°C is easy to keep warm without any danger of spoilage by overheating.  The Warm Pad is finished in powder coated aluminium and is easy to clean.
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Our Digital Temperature Controller is designed to provide high accuracy thermal control of products heated in a variety of containers, tanks and vessels including popular Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and Drums.  Process temperature as accurate as +/-0.5°C is achievable.

The Power Controller offers adjustable power input to any resistive heating process.  Selected process temperatures can be maintained by monitoring product temperature and adjusting the 1-10 scale.

The liquid expansion Thermostat is the simplest of our temperature controllers.  It is a reliable, low-cost solution to controlling temperature by inserting the stem of the Thermostat into the product being heated.  It provides +/-3°C accuracy for non-critical applications.

Our Floating Thermostat controller is specifically designed for use in IBCs.  It 'floats' on top of the plastic liquid liner where temperature is sensed through a back plate heat sink.  As product is discharged, the Thermostat housing descends with the liner and protects remaining product from overheating.  Accuracy of +/-3°C is provided.

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Electrotherm Chemical Process Tanks eliminate heating element replacement and save energy costs!
Heating element replacement is a major cost to industry.  Electrotherm has a permanent answer to eliminating element replacement!
Electrotherm Chemical Process Tanks feature thin-film carbon-graphite electric heating element and full insulation inside the walls and floors - protection from chemical attack and physical damage.    All our tanks come with an insulated lid that can be fitted at the end of the work day - or even during processing - to reduce heat loss and evaporation.  Huge savings in energy bills result because less power is needed the next day to raise the chemical fluid to working temperature.
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