Food Industry Heating Appliances

Electrotherm manufactures heating appliances for the food industry that offer practical, cost-effective solutions to the problem of maintaining temperature of delivered meals.
The ThermaCon® is purpose built for heavy-duty service with 'Meals On Wheels'. Whenever hot delivered meals need to be maintained at regulation temperature, ThermaCon is the choice for performance, reliability and long-life.
The ThermaCon complies with Australian Safety Standards and represents the latest methods in mechanical construction.  Built entirely of light-weight aluminium, it is a robust appliance featuring multi-layer thermal insulation barriers combined with wide-area carbon-graphite, low voltage heating elements fitted inside the container walls that spread heat evenly over internal surfaces.
The ThermaCon can be pre-heated from mains power by a transformer and heated while mobile from the vehicle power plug or rechargeable battery.  
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Keeping frozen or chilled meals below regulation temperature in summer heat is a job for the CoolaCon┬«.  Specifically designed for Meals On Wheels and other delivery services, the CoolaCon is the same construction as our ThermaCon, but with reversed insulation layers to keep heat out.
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The Pizza Bag Heater is a convenient retro-fit heating system for pizza delivery bags and other meals containers.  It is designed to maintain temperature of hot delivered meals by helping compensate heat loss that would otherwise occur during delivery.
The Pizza Bag Heater improves customer satisfaction by helping you deliver 'just-out-of-the-oven' pizzas to their door.  Make delivery runs more efficient by holding pizzas hot while waiting for a driver.
Manufactured from light-weight, food-grade stainless steel, the Pizza Bag Heater is a robust, low-profile appliance that will prove reliable with long-term daily use.  It features unique carbon-graphite heating elements that spread heat evenly over the Heater's entire surface.  It can be pre-heated from mains power by a transformer and powered mobile from a vehicle power socket or rechargeable battery.
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