Air Ventilation

Our Air Ventilation Heater provides condensation control and supplemental background comfort heating for homes and offices.
Whenever free naturally warmed air is available in your roof cavity, the Air Ventilation Heater runs as a fan forced ventilation system recovering free warm air, filtering it and delivering it into your home or office through single or multiple entry points. When available natural heat declines, the Air Ventilation Heater progressively supplies enough supplemental heating to maintain a comfortable environment and decrease humidity.
Using natural heating significantly reduces energy costs by maintaining elevated room temperatures, supplementing with mains power only when necessary.
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A feature of Electrotherm heaters is the application of unique electric heating elements that generate constant, stable, evenly distributed heat output over their entire surface and have a low temperature coefficient ensuring energy release virtually independent of temperature.
Our carbon-graphite radiant electric heating element is manufactured in many sizes and shapes; in cut pieces and lengths up to 100m; in voltages from 12V to 415V; and in various power (watt) densities.  The element can be laminated in plastic for operating temperatures up to 75┬░C or pocketed in PTFE woven fibreglass or silicone fabrics for operating up to 260┬░C.